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Biography :

Wulan Guritno born in London, 14 April 1980, know as an artist as well as start Model. A number of sinetron was starring in it, among them, is in love, enamored, MENCINTAIMU, Two Exercise integrates, in addition to the big screen movie star. Wulan Guritno long headline artist in Indonesia, he is artis indonesia seksi and beautiful than the one artist who is very-very plum. Foto wulan guritno bugil

Wulan own wife is a former star celebrities Attila Syach, was the daughter of one of their marriage. Women-breed Java-English, the next for a relationship with the national car racer Ananda Mikola, but in the end their relationship separate.selebritis indonesia this is truly beautiful. Gambar Wulan Guritno Merokok, Ciuman
In addition to be in front of the screen, Wulan tassel work away behind the screen, which is a film director. This is a prime Wulan debut as director. Movies include indie film titled Men Midwives.
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