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Biography :
Chelsea Olivia Wijaya was born in Jakarta, 29 July 1992. Chelsea start the public since the start sinetron success with his role as CINCIN Sasta. sinetron RCTI that appear on it, starring in it along with Riri Dwi Arianty, Baim Wong, and Dude Herlino. 
After the main sinetron bid came to him. Chelsea also had a sinetron star Prince teaser with Mischa Chandrawinata, younger brother of former Indonesian daughter Nadine Chandrawinata.
In addition to playing Chelsea sinetron also plunge the world to pull the sound together with BBB (Not Ordinary Stars) of the young pesinetron like: Laudya Chintya Bella, Raffi Achmad, Dimas Beck, Ayu Shita and under the guidance of singer and songwriter Jimmy Bondoc and also gmabar artis indonesia .

Sinetron stars MELATI back to Marvel launched this single group with vocal BBB, the Connect Disconnect was released in November 2008. 

Currently Chelsea is busy playing in the gala sinetron sinetron MELATI UNTUK MARVEL.

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i love you so much chelsea olivia..aku kangen banget mau ketemu sama kamu..

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