Gambar Syur Artis Indonesia Revalina

Gambar Syur Artis Indonesia RevalinaGambar Syur Artis Indonesia Revalina

Who does not Know the artist is the one she has a sexy body and Beautiful, and also virgin birth Jakarta 26 November launch his career to become a model Indonesia. And also Gambar Syur Artis Indonesia Revalina and steady and also Good Friends

Third child of four brothers, the star also has sinetron sprinkling Sangkuriang, Cintaku on campus BLUE 2, JP ASYIKNYA court, Bawang Merah garlic, Dara sugar, 2 wisdom, and the flower paradise. TV film CINTA BY Luka (2002) and possibly CINTA (2003) to evidence the ability akting.
Stars video clip Kupilih He (Cokelat, 2004) and Juwita (Yovie & The Nuno) berakting is also in the big screen. In the latest film starring Pocong 2 released end of 2006.Gambar Sexy Aura Kasih and Foto Artist Indonesian

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