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Sandra Dewi with a full name Monica Nicholle Sandra Dewi Gunawan Basri was a model and also stars stars akting Indonesia.

Although quite new, like Sandra who eat snakes and monkeys is known so quickly through the community in its akting EXPRESS Quickie together with Tora Sudiro Aming and running and chase each sinetron CINTA INDAH. Born in Pangkal Pinang, Kepulauan Bangka Belitung, 18 August 1983, the three eldest brothers this Hijrah to Jakarta in 2001 to continue studying at the London School Of Public Relations. Daughter pair Andreas Gunawan Basri and Chatarina Erliani this career through the election and the 2002 Miss Enchanteur Jakarta tourism ambassador. But then Sandra decided to study the concentration. Palembang bloody girls, Chinese, Sundanese, and the Netherlands began to decide this total in the world of entertainment since become a champion two fearless Female Fun Cosmopolitan Magazine in 2006. Where one of the jury to its director HUSBAND SHARE, Nia Dinata. Nia is also a tender and Sandra for the casting and then got the role of Lila in Quickie EXPRESS. Through the film Quickie EXPRESS, Sandra was selected as the stars of New Immigrants Terfavorit version Korean Movie Award (IMA) in 2008. Besides talent, pro-akting, Sandra began to pull away the vote. Together Dewi Sandra Luna Maya and Play single issue in the framework of the Euro 2008. Sandra to call the fansnya as the 'Sanders' berakting this back in the big screen titled Tarzan TO CITY. Sandra in the film also voted to donate the film soundtrack. Early 2009, Sandra exploring other areas of the event as a presenter on music titled DERINGS with Trans TV desta Club eighties.

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